IWG, led by Professor G.E. Valori, has signed a very important agreement directly with the Minister for Natural Resources and International Cooperation of the People’s Republic of China.

This prestigious Ministry, recently established by President Xi Jinping, plays a fundamental role in the Made in China 2025 plan and in the creation of the New Silk Road.

  • Made in China 2025 – By devoting huge financial resources and pursuing full international opening, the Chinese government has identified the goals and actions to be taken in the coming years to turn its economic system from passive actor into world leader in terms of innovation, competitiveness and quality of life. MC2025 has identified priorities in new technologies, with special focus on ocean engineering, alternative energy sources and energy saving. It pays attention to biological medicine and to all the cutting-edge innovations that can offer adequate solutions to the problems which are most felt by the Chinese population. First and foremost, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, which in 2020 shall be equal to 22% and this trend shall continue to reach 40% in 2025. Furthermore, particular attention shall be paid to the efficient waste management and to the identification of possible transformations, as well as the production of new reuse materials. Last but not least, the protection of agricultural land, forestry and natural resources.
  • The new Silk Road is a strategic initiative of the People’s Republic of China aimed at improving its commercial ties with the Eurasian countries. It includes the terrestrial routes of the “Silk Road economic zone” and the “maritime Silk Road of the 21st century” (also known as “Belt and Road Initiative, BRI). The areas involved are China, Central, Northern and Western Asia, as well as the countries and regions along the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean. The initiative, strongly promoted by Chinese President Xi Jinping, aims at achieving a systematic plan for land connections.

At the beginning of the current month of May, Prof. Giancarlo Elia Valori met Lu Hao, Minister for Natural Resources and International Cooperation of the People’s Republic of China, in Beijing.

During that meeting and after a careful analysis made  together with its European partners, Professor G.E. Valori, who leads IWG, submitted to the Minister a series of projects implementing the best and most advanced technologies developed in Europe to face the great  problems that China faces at environmental level. That strongly felt need has led China to establish said  Ministry which, by using international cooperation, can develop advanced technologies for protecting China’s territory, as well as natural and energy resources, encourage the development of clean energy, organize the disposal and reuse of waste materials, as well as support the prevention of environmental contamination.

At the end of the meeting, MINISTER LU HAO approved the following three projects submitted by IWG:

  • energy generation from sea waves;
  • disposal and processing of (industrial and urban) sludge;
  • establishment of a Joint Venture between IWG and the Ministry for Natural Resources and International Cooperation, with a view to creating a technological platform for monitoring and identifying problematic issues and opportunities in the waste management sector.

The Minister also extended his request for collaboration with Prof. Valori’s IWG to every possible technology that IWG can offer to China in any sector relating to Made in China 2025.